5 reasons to visit Kalsubai Peak

1. Your exploration starts at the base village itself

Trekking is all about exploration. It’s not only about doing the best of adventures. But, about exploring what’s unknown. Bari is the base village for Kalsubai. The village is beautiful and has traditions being followed from olden times. The beautiful houses of bari will show you what rural culture in India has preserved which can never be found in cities. The people are enthusiastic to serve the tourists.
The villagers in bari are sweeter than honey. They talk with great respect and it’s good to treat them in a similar way.

2. The views of/from Kalsubai are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Kalsubai shows you Bhandardara, which is a beautiful region within itself. Kalsubai is famous for showing the triplet of very popular hiking destinations, Alang, Madan, Kulang. The lush green mountains in monsoon are accompanied by dancing clouds. Kalsubai has various waterfalls that you can click with cameras. The mountain looks beautiful while you’re on the hiking trail. It’s a visual pleasure for every hiker.

3. Mount Kalsubai is very easy in terms of hiking difficulty level.

On Kalsubai peak, there’s a temple of goddess Kalsubai. Ladies and devotees from various areas visit Kalsubai during Navratri. So for making it easy for pilgrims, the people of Bari have installed ladders on tricky rock patches which make Kalsubai, easy to hike. Kalsubai can be easily attempted by beginners.
There are various stalls for food and snack breaks on the trail.

4. Kalsubai is a great offline social connectivity hub.

You meet great people from various parts of the country and the world. You make new friends and it’s a bliss to shake hands with new people.
You get people doing insane things.
My memory:- When I went to Kalsubai in 2018 Monsoon, I met a man who hiked Kalsubai 4 times in a day. He was practising for a big summit.
A fact: Couple of years back, a boy and a girl met on the top of Kalsubai, fell in love and ended up marrying each other on Kalsubai summit itself.
The whole crowd hiked Kalsubai for attending their marriage.
Every year, many people celebrate Republic Day and Independence Day.
Kalsubai had been witness to many such insane people and you can get to meet those crazy minds!

5. Pen down the prestige.

You can proudly write in your diary that you have hiked a mountain which is 5400 feet high! This can be a great milestone for life.
Kalsubai is the highest peak of Maharashtra. You can return with many awesome memories in that.